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A last minute 5k- and a massive PR!

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As I alluded to here I AM slowly getting faster!

This past weekend I was heading to Vegas to watch an adult softball tournament.  On a whim I looked to see if there were any local races happening while I was there and I found one about 15 minutes away from our hotel!  I decided a few days before we left that I would pack my running clothes and register the day of the race if I felt like running.

We arrived in Vegas at midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning.  Saturday morning was the race.  In my head I could hear Jeff Galloway saying this:

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 11.52.23 AM

I knew I could run on little sleep- and I decided I would feel better if I got a run in.

The race was called the Chefs for Kids 5k, benefitting the Chefs for Kids organization:

On their ‘about us’ they have this:

“Chefs for Kids, Inc. (CFK) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to alleviating malnutrition and hunger in children through education and awareness.  This educational program’s goal is to help children build healthy behaviors while they are young – behaviors that we hope will carry into adult-hood.  Eating a healthful diet and maintaining a physically active lifestyle have been proven to reduce the risk of chronic disease that can place an economic as well as a physical burden on our entire community.”

As a youth coach this was something I could jump on board with supporting!

I woke up early in the morning and headed over to the park where the race was being held.  I registered and promptly returned to my car as it was below 50 degrees- and I am a wimp!

As we headed out to the starting line I was trying to figure out my race strategy.  I’ve never run a 5k alone and I was long overdo for a PR.  My previous PR was 29:56 a time that I was regularly beating while on training runs.  I knew I had a pretty good chance of getting a new PR at this race.  I figured I would just listen to my feet and get moving at whatever pace they took me.

They sent us off and immediately I could feel the cold air in my chest but knew that I would just push through.  I found a comfortable pace and followed a woman in a pink shirt who I thought was about my age.  I vowed to just stay with her.  Around mile 1 I was feeling like this race was a little tough- what was going on?  I had started my Nike+ a few seconds late but it told me that my pace for the 1st mile was a 7:38! There was my answer.  I was moving fast (for me!)

I kept pushing and following the lady in pink.  I started feel my rhythm and the second mile FLEW.  Before I knew it was heading the final turn for the 5k!


(photo credit- Tim Kelly, Las Vegas Track Club)

I felt GREAT finishing the race at that speed.  I really pushed hard!  The lady in pink finished right before me and I immediately went over to her, shook her hand, and thanked her for pacing me to a PR.  She told me that she had also PR’d that race!

I stopped my Nike + and saw this:

photo (1)

My fastest 5k EVER.  Faster than any my training runs!!  I couldn’t believe it!

I hadn’t started my app on time so I knew that the time was a little off.  The race didn’t use timing chips- instead they pulled tabs off of our race bibs.  I wouldn’t know my time from them until later in the day.  That’s when I saw THIS:

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 11.41.01 AM

First place in my Age Group!  My first time ever placing!  I wish I would have stayed around longer to receive my award- but I needed to get going to watch softball!

What a day for me 🙂

I don’t know what my actual time was.  The app said 23:59 and the results said 24:30 (again no timing chips) – but I will take 24:30 as my official PR!

Chefs for Kids 5k was a very well run race.  It had a cute long sleeve t-shirt, great food afterwards (pancakes, jamba juice, coffee), and had a fantastic race packet filled with snacks.  If I lived in Vegas, I would definitely do another race put on by the Las Vegas Track Club!

photo (3)


Clearly not a blogger

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Well, it’s been a while since I blogged (oops).  A few updates:

The first thing I need to update is that I was cleared by my doctor to run the Dumbo Double Dare – and I did it!  I PR’d both the 10k and the half marathon.  Both races were so tough for me, mostly because of the mental aspect of it but I was physically hurting as well.  You can read my recap of the 1/2 marathon here:

My shoulder still hurts every day.  Every single day.  Some days it’s a minor ache and some days it hurts to the point where I can barely move.  It’s been almost 5 months since the injury and I am hoping for relief.  Surgery is not a guarantee to heal it- so it’s not a good option for me right now.

I have retired from playing soccer.  It’s crazy to let go of something you are so passionate about- and I did it cold turkey.  I have consistently played soccer since I was a child so you’d think it would be more difficult!  The reality is that getting hurt was so eye opening.  This was the worst injury I have ever had and it most certainly wasn’t worth it. It also wouldn’t be worth it to hurt it AGAIN.  That decision may change.  Who knows.  I still coach soccer every single day – so I get my fix.

We got into the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon in DC!  I’m running this with my favorite people- and it’s my cousins first half marathon!  I can’t wait!  It’s my hometown too- so this race will be very special.

I am still getting faster.  Slowly.  According to Nike+ my average pace for 2012 was 10:44/mile.  2013 was an overall 9:56 average pace per mile.  My average so far for 2014 is 8:53/mile but I haven’t run farther than 5 miles at a time and I’ve only logged 16 miles.

That’s it for updates! Here’s to an incredible 2014!








A Minor Setback

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This summer has been absolutely amazing for me.  I’ve been busy, but I enjoy being busy!  Some highlights:

– I got married!  I had the most perfect wedding in Kaua’i.  It was the best week of my life!

– My girls under 9 team made it to the finals of 4 tournaments and were the champions of 1 of those.

– I have been training diligently and seeing the rewards (stronger/faster)

When I signed up for the runDisney Dumbo Double Dare I had several months to train for it.  I had just finished running another half marathon (Princess) and I just kept the training going.  I was feeling good, getting great miles in, and watching as my pace got faster.  In the past few months I have shattered all of my personal records (PR’s) in training runs.  I wanted an ‘official’ PR and had my heart set on Dumbo Double Dare to PR the 10k and Half Marathon.  I recently unofficially PR’d 12 miles and 10 miles.  My unofficial 10k smashed my previous 10k.  I was well on my way to achieve my goal!

Just this past Saturday I was participating in a Women’s over 30’s soccer tournament.  I could only make the second game of the day because I was coaching my girls under 15 team.  I made it through the first half with no issues.  About 10 minutes into the second half a ball got loose in front of the other teams goal.  Being a forward, my eye was on the prize and I sprinted to go take a shot.  The defender near me tackled me HARD sliding in and hitting me around my knees.  I FLEW and landed directly on my left shoulder – getting the wind knocked out of me in the process.  I knew immediately something was wrong.

The unimaginable happened- I got hurt 2 weeks before the race.

Now I sit here in awful pain, despite taking pain meds, contemplating my next step.  I have at least a separated collar bone and a torn AC ligament (the collar bone is popped up – you can see it).  I am devastated to not be able to run the Disneyland Half Marathon but I am going to stay positive about everything.  It’s out of my control but I can control how I deal with it!

Hopefully I get a full diagnosis soon.  It’s been difficult finding me a last minute ortho appointment, but I have one in 2 days.

I will still be attending the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend since our hotel is non refundable and I want to be in that atmosphere.  It will be hard watching people complete the race that I had trained so hard for – but I have so much to be thankful for and I love cheering!

If you happen to be at the Disneyland 5K, 10K or Half Marathon – look for the woman in a sling- cheering for you 🙂

Slowly Getting Faster

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The other day I went for 5 mile run and something AMAZING happened.  I ran it at an 8:43 pace!

Now, for the elite runner that is a slow jog (I love when someone says “went for an EASY run today- 7:30 pace”).  For ME that is something that has never happened before- and something I never fathomed I could do!  I had never ran over 3 miles at a pace under a 9 minute mile.  Realistically, I know it’s also not something that will happen during every 5+ mile run (but it’s good to know I can do it!).

I have always been a runner.  I never loved running until recently, but indeed, my whole life I have been a runner.  My poor parents were given a child with an amazing amount of energy.  I never sat still.  I never stayed inside.  I never walked.  I ran everywhere!  If I couldn’t sleep, I would get up in the middle of the night and run laps around the inside of the house.  In an attempt to reduce my energy levels my parents put me in just about every sport (but ironically not track or cross country).  When we finally found “my” sport it turned out to be soccer.  Soccer is a running sport- so that worked out for me because all I wanted to do was run, and I was FAST!

As a youth player I would get the soccer ball from the defensive end and then just sprint as fast as I could with it until I ran directly into the goalkeeper.  Sometimes I would get lucky and the goalkeeper would miss it, but it became obvious that I needed to control my speed and ball control.  I was FAST but I could not slow down!

photo 1

Off I go on a breakaway!

photo 2

Oops, I ran straight into the goalkeeper- again.

As I got older my coaches helped me control my speed but I always remained a sprinter (still try in my 30’s).  It was tough for defenders to catch me when I took off.  All through college my greatest ability was my speed.  On the other hand, I absolutely hated running.  I hated running 2 miles during training sessions.  I hated a treadmill (still do).  I hated running a lap around the field.  I was miserable when I had to go for a run.  I didn’t mind the sprints though, it was over faster.

When I started running, that speed was nowhere to be found and that sprinter on the soccer field never really translated onto the pavement.  Now that I’ve been a runner for longer a little of my inner sprinter is starting to come out.  It feels good that I am finally getting faster since my first race in 2007 (a 5k at a 9:38 pace- which is incidentally still my 5k race PR).  I now can run a training 5k in about 27 minutes (8:25 pace).  My first half marathon in 2009 was 2:38 (12:07 pace) which took me 3 years and 6 half marathons to finally beat!  I will say this, I don’t feel like I am trying harder and I appreciate that!  Running can be such a great stress reliever so I don’t want to stress about running!  Running for me is about feeling GOOD.  I have never ran a race so hard I wanted to pass out.  I have never pushed myself beyond my limits- I leave that for when I play soccer.  Will I one day?  Maybe?  Probably not.  I enjoy how I am running right now.

I’m not positive why I am getting faster but I think it is a combination of things.  I have fixed my running form thanks to Newton Running.  I researched and made a significant effort to improve my form- and I feel so much better.  I also am obsessed with my foam roller which helps me feel better after runs.  Finally, the most important thing I have done is I have built my confidence up to believe I can do it.

I know I am not going win any races but for all the running I’ve done over the past 6 years it’s exciting to finally be seeing some faster results!  We’ll see if I can keep up the training to get 2 PR’s during the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland in September.  For that challenge I am running the 10k and the half marathon on back-to-back days.  I’ll need to beat 1:04 (10:24 pace) for the 10k and 2:16 (10:26 pace) for the half marathon.  It’s a big goal but an attainable one for me- I’ll motivate myself by remembering that day in May when I ran a 5 miler under a 9 minute pace!  Or hopefully it happens again soon!

Race Hiatus

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Since becoming a runner (read: a runner, not a racer) I have used races as a way to hold myself accountable.  On the days I did not feel like running (we’ve all had them) I would remind myself that I had paid money for a race, so I might as well train for it! It’s a great way to keep moving with your eye on the prize.

Recently, I have had to find a new way to keep motivated, and I found it somewhere I never thought it would be- inside me.  Yep, I keep myself motivated to run because I feel good when I run.  It’s as simple as that!  Who knew?!  I am taking a break of running races until September when I come back with a bang – the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland.  It is the Disneyland 10K and the Disneyland Half Marathon ran in the same weekend.  So I have something wonderful to look forward to!


Until then, I will keep running.  There will be no bling.  There will be no spectators (unless you count my neighbors and countless dogs).  There will be no “official” PR’s.  There will be no after party.  What there will be is: me learning to love running even more.

The reason for my race hiatus?  Well, it’s a good one.  I am having my dream wedding.  I know, sounds cliché, but I promise you this truly is my dream wedding. It’s a small destination wedding and I could not be more excited!  When it came to registering for more races it really came down to the financial side of it.  It is hard to justify paying for races when I could use that money to help fund our wedding!  I will be able to run plenty of races down the road and this will be my 1 amazing wedding!

Not to mention, 2013 has already been AMAZING!  I ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and the Princess Half Marathon so I feel blessed!


Amazing race medals for 2013!

I will be following all of YOU and the races you all do.  I want to hear all about them!

Princess Half Marathon Recap- Coast to Coast!

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*Warning I have lots to say!*

My first half marathon ever was the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2009.  After that I completed Disneyland Half in 2010 and Tinker Bell Half Marathon in 2012 and 2013.  The common denominator?  Disneyland.  We live in So Cal so we are Disneyland Annual Passholders and can easily do a Disneyland race without too much pre-planning.  We never imagined we would be able to run a race at Disney World (we have very hectic schedules- and it is a pricey trip!).  We had dreamed of getting a Coast to Coast medal but we never imagined it would actually happen!

The Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2012 was our favorite races of all time so we knew we would be participating again in 2013 so as soon as registration opened we were all over it!  During that time Laurie’s sister Amy was talking about us doing another family Disney World trip (previously we went with her in 2009).  We knew how much Amy loved Disney World, so we had mentioned to her about the Princess Half Marathon weekend and she surprised us by saying she wanted to sign up as her first half marathon!  We would make it a family trip and go for the week.  Amy’s 5 year old daughter Bella would do the kids race.  Laurie’s mom decided she would join us and do the 5k.  I invited my parents to join us and do the 5k.  Before we knew it we had a family racecation (race + vacation).   We all registered as soon at the race opened and began planning our trip.

Laurie and I flew in on Friday night and met up with our families.  They were winding down for the night to participate in the Royal Family 5k and Kids Races (my recap is here).  Saturday was a very long morning of cheering for our runners followed by Laurie and I going to the expo.

The expo was NUTS.  By the time we got there Saturday afternoon I was well aware (thanks to social media) that it was going to be crowded.  I work with Pre-School aged children so over the years my patience has grown exponentially!  I am thankful for that because the expo was so packed it truly tried our patience.  We received our race bibs and we received our wrist bands for the Coast to Coast challenge!


Fit snug with my Nike Fuel Band

We walked over and grabbed our t-shirts and then explored the expo a bit.  It was so packed you could barely walk around but we still enjoyed ourselves.  I bought a team sparkle Princess Half Marathon exclusive t-shirt that said “Running Happily Ever After”.  I love it!  Laurie got a new road bicycle charm necklace- it’s adorable and she got many compliments on it all week.  By the time we got into the official merchandise section so many things were sold out.  Laurie got a coast to coast t-shirt, they didn’t have my size left, and we got a princess half vinylmation medal.  I really really wanted a coffee mug- but they were sold out!

We returned to our hotel room and feasted on some pizza, our tried and true pre-race meal.  Since we were still on Pacific Time we had a lot of difficulty winding down to go to bed.  That combined with excitement made it nearly impossible!  Around midnight we finally fell asleep.  Our alarm to wake up went off at 2:30am.  Yep- not a lot of sleep for us!  We drank our coffee and had some light breakfast and headed out to the shuttle stop around 3:15am.

There were many princess runners staying in our hotel and we were able to see some great outfits!  We arrived at the race start with plenty of time to drop off our bag and use the restrooms before they called us out for our long walk to our Corral.


Already packed just walking into the meetup area to wait for our walk to the Corral’s


Pre-race picture of Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella

We did our walk over to the Corral’s to wait for the race to begin.  There was so much excitement in the air!  I am easily cold- and once I am cold it is very difficult for me to warm up.  I know so many princesses were complaining about the heat- but I felt perfect!  I didn’t need to stress out about throw-away clothes.  I was fine in my tank top and arm-sleeves.

Laurie and I were in Corral C- our Tink Half time would have put us in B (my Long Beach time would have put me in A).  We moved back to be with Amy in Corral E.  We had no intention of speeding through the course- our only goal was to help Amy finish her first half marathon!  It is a different world starting farther back in the Corrals (more on that further down) and we had to watch several Corral’s start before us.

As we waited the crowd busted into song- I recorded it with my camera!  It shows the energy at the beginning of the race.  This is one of the reasons I LOVE the RunDisney races!

Then it was our turn to go and the Fairy Godmother bid us adieu with some fireworks.

The first few miles were in the dark.  Our pace was slower than Laurie and I had trained but we got to have a different perspective on the race.  We looked around a lot more and took many more pictures!  We had asked Amy which pictures were “must have’s” for her and decided to stop any time she wanted to.  My only “must have” was Gaston!  If he was on course I really wanted a picture with him.


heading towards Magic Kingdom!

Our first must have photo stop was the villans.  Amy loves them and wanted to get a picture.  It was a longer wait but we had a cushion since we started in Corral E.  This was my first race where I was worried about our pace.  I was a little stressed about the long waits- Amy MUST finish!  She was never a runner (ever) and had trained to do this race.  We would not let her down.


They were all in character and were hilarious!

We inched closer to Magic Kingdom and I saw Lumiere! Since I was dressed as belle- this was a must have for me.  I pulled over and told Laurie and Amy to keep going.  THIS was the picture I got:


yep, I blew it. That’s his little arm. My head blocked him!

I sped up to catch up with Amy and Laurie- and it felt good to run!  We entered the Magic Kingdom and I was loving all of it!  When we run the Disneyland races it’s definitely cool but we go so often that I know most of the surroundings.  Disney World is a much different story so I really was enjoying our run down Main Street!


I think it’s safe to say that Laurie was also enjoying it!


They had a bunch of volunteer’s helping take photos here

We then ran through Tomorrowland and turned into the new Fantasyland area!  I had never seen it in person so I was loving it all- even the Mine Train construction!  Then – there he was – Gaston!!  AND he had a short line- so we jumped in!


He said to me “Bonjour Belle” to which I responded “Bonjour Gaston” (of course)

Then we turned towards the castle.  The castle at Disney World is significantly larger than the castle at Disneyland so I got a picture of Laurie heading in.


You can see the trumpeters in the distance

WOW the castle was packed!  We had to walk very slowly through the castle.  It smelled very un-princess like in there!


eek! So many princesses walking through

Laurie and I broke off from Amy to take a picture with Jessie (Laurie’s favorite) and to take a picture with Cinderella in the background.




Cinderella with Prince Charming in the background

We caught up with Amy and kept on running.  Amy had told us that at mile 6 she would start walking- and we told her we would do anything to stay with her.  At this point with all of our picture stops (there were more- but I figured I would limit the pics on this already LONG post) we were at a very slow pace and Laurie and I were starting to worry about where the sweepers were.  We knew we were in front of many people but since Amy wanted to walk at mile 6 we wanted to make sure we could build our cushion!  We kept running past the half way point (yep- Amy went past 6 miles running) where they were playing the fan voted song- “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys


Half way and I felt amazing!

Just past here was our hotel where my mom, dad, Laurie’s mom Sue and Amy’s daughter Bella were supposed to be.  I had circled on maps and signed them up for runner tracking.  I also had warned them of potential times we would be there.  We thought they were prepared to see us there and then head on the monorail to the finish line.  As we ran past they were nowhere in sight!  Ugh!  Laurie and we not too concerned but we wanted Sue and Bella to see Amy running!  We called and texted them and it turns out they had made very unfortunate yet very understandable error.  When we signed all of them up for runner tracking they were not aware it was in Kilometers.  So when they got the text that we were at 10k they misread it as 10 miles and they thought they missed us!  They were on their way to the finish line.  We shook it off, took a picture with the Genie and carried on.


Could we wish our family back to see us?

At this point we started walking.  As I mentioned it is a completely different race when you are in the back of the pack.  It was very crowded and there were not a lot of people out there smiling.  In fact, some people looked pretty miserable, injured and or sweaty.  There were other people enjoying the race- but I think we were in with a group that was stressing out about the sweepers.  As Laurie and I had done several Disney races- we were used to all smiles and happy excited people.  It was strangely quiet back there as we were nearing the last few miles.  I had an epiphany at this point that maybe I COULD do a full marathon if I slowed my pace down.  We stopped for our last character stop in the race- and it was a pretty awesome one, the heroes!  We waited until we were on our way back to get this picture and I am happy we did since the line was significantly shorter AND the sun was out for the picture!


the heroes!

We kept going and then there it was- the10 mile marker- the farthest Amy had ever gone!


The farthest Amy had ever gone!

Amy reiterated that she was done running but would instead walk.  We obliged of course but we told her that she would need to walk fast so we could keep our pace fast enough!  When we got near Epcot we knew we would make it!  We saw Sue and Bella just before mile 12 and Sue was screaming and crying (for Amy) that she was going to do it!  Her waterworks in turn made our waterworks start 🙂  Once we saw spaceship earth we knew we were so close!


had to do a jump photo



We passed the gospel choir and headed towards the finish line.  We saw my parents cheering on the final stretch!  My parents live in South Carolina- and we live in California so any chance for them to see me run is wonderful for me.  We held hands and crossed together!  Amy did it- and we would be getting our Coast to Coast medals!!


Amy’s first medal!


we did it! Added our Tink Half medal for pictures


Bella joined us for a picture with Rapunzel

Our final time was 3:46 – our longest by almost an hour but it felt like it went much faster than that.  We were so happy that Amy finished!  Laurie and I also discussed the possibility of doing this race again but running the whole thing.  It was such a great time for us- we were so excited that we had done it AND we still had 5 days at Disney to enjoy!


My new favorite medal the coast to coast! Also loved the Princess medal.


I celebrated with a caramel apple- my favorite!


Laurie did a “medal Monday” picture with all of her medals (and Oswald ears)

We really loved running this race!  It was definitely an eye opening experience for us, but in a good way.  Laurie has often felt like all of her training was not helping her out, as she felt like she was too slow.  With all of the energy she had at the end of the half marathon she really started to understand that she was, in fact, a runner.  We loved everything about this race- but especially the fact that our families were there to participate and support us.  I wish Disney World was closer- but I can say that some time down the road we WILL do another Disney World race!


being dorks

Next up?  Wedding planning.  I am on a race hiatus since we need to save money.  I will still be running, and I will keep my distance up but there will be no “races” until my next very exciting one- the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland in September!  For that race I will do the 10k on Saturday and the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday.  I can’t wait!

Royal Family 5K and Kids Races- A Spectators Perspective

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The Princess Half Marathon weekend has come and gone and I am still reeling from our amazing experiences (a week at Disney World can do that to you)!

We flew in to Orlando early on Friday morning (and arrived Friday night thanks to the time change) to meet up with my parents (Boris and Valerie), my soon to be sister-in-law (Amy), my soon to be niece (Bella), and my soon to be mother-in-law (Sue).  Our parents were meeting for the first time and all of us would be participating in the Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

On Friday night we started preparing everyone for the Royal Family 5k.  My parents would be doing the 5k as one of several races they have already done.  My Mom did her first race ever in her 60’s and my dad did his first race ever in his 70’s!  Sue would be doing her first 5k race- she had previously done a short triathlon at her gym.  Bella (5 years old) would be doing the kids race, her first race ever!

Bella is my favorite kid- so spunky and fun and shares our passion for Disney.  I really wanted her first running experience to be a great one!  We shared with her our tradition of laying out our race clothes the night before- she loved that!


Isabella – all ready to run/fly!

On Saturday morning Sue, Boris, and Valerie all got ready and left the room at 4:45am to head over to the race start.  We stayed behind and left at 5:30am to go spectate.  We boarded the shuttle bus with several other 5k runners and spectators.  We had absolutely no issues with transportation and got there with plenty of time!

We saw tons of people in costumes of all ages.  Bella really loved seeing everything there!  We would yell out which characters we saw.  Bella loved Santa Claus- real beard and all!  They were playing music and pumping up the crowd at the starting line.  Then they brought out Royal Mickey and Minnie and set off the first Corral with fireworks.


They set off fireworks for every Corral- we loved cheering!

Then it was time for our parents to go!  We caught them in their Corral and showed them all of their signs.





and off they went!  There were several more Corrals to go- which meant more music and more dancing!  I’ll tell ya they kept us entertained.  They even called Bella up to the stage to dance for the crowd!  We were making such special memories for her!  RunDisney really made it so awesome!



A high five for the announcers!

We then headed over to the finish line to watch the 5k finishers come by.  What a beautiful sight with Spaceship Earth (aka Epcot Ball) in the background!


Go runners go!

We cheered for so many runners!  I was so impressed with how many young kids were doing the 5k.  As a youth coach I LOVE seeing that!  The costumes were just awesome!  We saw a family run by where the dad was dressed as the Genie, the son was Aladdin, and the daughter was Jasmine.  It was awesome!  We found them later and told them how much we loved their costumes.  Then we saw Sue head towards the finish line and soon after we saw my mom and dad!  Everyone was doing great!


Sue dressed up as Tinker Bell


Mom and Dad dressed up as- Mom and Dad

We had so much fun watching the Royal Family 5k and up next was the kids races.  I had no idea the amazingness that would soon happen.

I pinned on Bella’s race number and then she was put into the Corral with the other kids running 200 meters.


So focused on getting it centered

While we waited for Bella at the finish line we got to watch the 100 meter races- the 1-3 year olds.  Oh my goodness… THE cutest race I have ever watched!  They had several small Corrals within the race.  The only downside is that it took forever to finish those races – so we waited a very long time for Bella’s race.  The 100 meter kids were TINY and so funny!  There were princesses and princes and several parents running with, in front of, and behind all the runners.  Some kids were having the time of their life smiling and waving and some, well, were not.  Some kids would just take 3 steps and sit on the ground.  Some would cry and chase their parents.  It was hilarious!  Everyone watching just loved this very slow 100 meter race.

Finally it was Bella’s turn!  She was in the very back of the Corral so we thought for sure when they split them up into sub-groups and let them go, she would be one of the last to start.


Laurie showing Bella her race sign on the way to the starting line

When they sent the first wave we really didn’t expect to see her but all of a sudden from the back of the pack- there she was!


Cruising up from the back!


Passing people!


To the finish!

I was so excited for her!  She did it all by herself- Amy walked behind everyone to follow her.  She got her medal and we gave her so many hugs and kisses to congratulate her.  Later we saw her official photos- she was so focused:

photo (7)

Focus faced! (Photo credit MarathonFoto)

Overall, we had such a great time spectating the 5k and kids races!  If you are at all considering doing it- go for it!  It was so well run (despite waiting for a very long time for the kids races) and everyone in our group had the best time!

We headed back to the hotel to clean up and then Laurie and I went to the Expo to pick up our race packets for the Half Marathon.  I’ll continue more about that when I do my Princess Half Marathon Update (coming soon).